Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Earth Supplied products?A: Earth Supplied products are available at your local beauty-supply stores and these retailers . Follow us on Instagram @EarthSupplied for the latest updates on new products and local beauty-supply stores and retailers.
Q: What product is right for my hair?A: Finding the right combination of products for your best hair can be hard. Click our Product Recommendation to learn more about the right products for your hair type.
Q: How can I become an Earth Supplied Brand Ambassador?A: Please submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page and follow us on Instagram @EarthSupplied for ambassador updates.
Q: Why don’t you list the percentage of butters and oils on all of your products?A: We only list products’ percentages of butter and oils if they are over 5% — not all products contain that much butter or oil.
Q: Are your products tested on animals?A: No Way!
Q: Are Earth Supplied products only for textured hair?A: Earth Supplied products were created to care for textured hair, but several items may be used on relaxed or straight hair as well.